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Steps To Make a Reservation:

  1. Click SHOWS on our home page
  2. Go to the DAY of that month for the show you’re looking to attend
  3. (If you cannot make a reservation, the show you selected is either 1) Sold Out, 2) Not on sale yet (see below for When to Make a Reservation), or 3) First come, first served seating). Click the BOX that says MAKE A RESERVATION on the calendar for your desired show date
  4. You will then be RANDOMLY placed in a Queue-It line (When a show goes on sale, we use the Queue-It system to help handle the thousands of visitors that visit the page at the same time for our limited number of seats)
  5. When it is your turn, you will enter the reservation page and then select the number of seats you’re wanting and at what table (Note: you must choose number of seats. You are not reserving an entire table if you choose 1).  We do reserve ALL seats at each table, so if you are a smaller party at a larger table, you’ll get to make some new friends!
  6. You will be asked for your credit card and billing information for the $3.00 + tax non-refundable reservation fee per person (unless it is noted that it is a pre-paid show).
    • You can only reserve up to 6 seats
    • You will have ONE minute to select seats and proceed to checkout
      **It is important to note that we have a limited number of seats available for reservation. The Bluebird is an intimate music venue with only 20 tables inside (of varying sizes). Should you be unable to make a reservation, we have some seating in the church pew areas that are first come, first served for our early shows at 6:00pm and 6:30pm.

When to Make a Reservation:

    • 6PM OPEN MIC - Become available the day of the show at 12PM CST
    • 9:30PM MIKE HENDERSON BAND - No Reservations! First come, first served seating only!
  • TUESDAY SHOWS: Become available a WEEK in advance (Tuesday) at 8AM CST
  • WEDNESDAY SHOWS: Become available a WEEK in advance (Wednesday) at 8AM CST
  • THURSDAY SHOWS: Become available a WEEK in advance (Thursday) at 8AM CST
  • FRIDAY SHOWS: Become available the Monday of that week at 8AM CST
  • SATURDAY SHOWS: Become available the Monday of that week at 8AM CST
  • SUNDAY SHOWS: Become available the Monday of that week at 8AM CST

Things to Know:

ALL reservations have to be made through our online system on bluebirdcafe.com, we DO NOT accept any reservations over the phone!

  • There is a $3.28 per reservation non-refundable fee applied at checkout
  • We have a $10.00 per person minimum at your table for food/drinks
  • ALL AGES ARE WELCOME – with the exception that you MUST be 21+ to sit at the 10 bar seats
  • We offer some first come, first served seating for our shows Tuesday – Saturday;
    • Early Shows: 10-12 seats available (unless otherwise noted)
    • Late Shows: A handful of seats available (unless otherwise noted)
  • We do NOT take any reservations for Monday's 9:30PM show – all seating is first come, first served
  • You can only make a reservation of up to 6 people once reservations are on sale. Here are the seating charts for our two types of shows: IN THE ROUND and IN THE ROW

PLEASE NOTE THAT AS A TINY ROOM, we have limited availability for accessible seating.  We can accommodate up to 2 seats – an accessible seat plus a companion – if we are given at least 2 weeks’ notice.  Email info@bluebirdcafe.com or call 615-383-1461 12pm-4pm CST Monday-Friday for assistance.

We encourage talking before the show, between sets and after the show but ask that during the performances,audience members keep their voices low and talking to a minimum.

In the Round vs. In the Row:

  • In the Round: Our signature style has the songwriters in the center of the room, where they perform together, telling stories and accompanying each other. It’s a unique set up that allows the audience an up close and personal experience of how songwriters create their music.
  • In the Row: Where the songwriters will perform their music on-stage.